There sure are a lot of shows heading our way with the new year. Exciting new shows that hope to do well in the new year. Some are returns of older shows, that are creating new seasons and making fans excited. Other shows that are about to air, are adaptations from novels that already have their own fan base and should do well, then there are the comic book shows that almost always do well and then the new dramas that face the test of fans getting through the first few episodes.

The first new show that will be released in the new year, is The Shannara Chronicles. Based off the best selling novel by Terry Brooks, the series will be showing on MTV beginning on January 5th. The show is the first of two shows based off of the book series that began with The Sword of Shannara in 1977 and continued for years with multiple branch off series.

The next show to be released in the coming year is the second show based on a book series: Shadowhunters. The show is based off the Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare. The series has already had a film adaptation in the last couple of years, but it seems they decided to try once more with a TV show. Hopefully it will work this time?

The next couple of shows to be released are full of variety. First to come will be Colony, a post apocalyptic show that is about a family in the aftermath of an alien invasion on Earth. This one has some promise and was being promoted at Comic Con this last year strongly.

The next show is the awaited Legends of Tomorrow, the DC Universe show based on a set of superheroes that stems from Arrow and The Flash. This show will be a huge crossover show that will draw in fans from multiple other shows.

These aren’t the only hot new shows that are coming to your television this year, with the American Crime Story airing on February 2, is being done by the creators of American Horror Story. But before that airs, The X Files: Reopened airs with a two-night premiere on January 24 and 25. Many fans are ready for this show to come back (and we know it’s not really a new show), and we couldn’t be any more excited too.

To sum up the beginning of the year are Vinyl which will be airing on HBO on February 14 and The Family airs on March 3 as the new political drama on ABC.

With all of these exciting shows, it will be the biggest question of which ones you’ll watch and which ones will you DVR to watch later.

Photo Credit: USA Network