We’re heard a lot of bad about Suicide Squad this last week, but we’ve also heard some good. Reading both types of articles, and having seen the movie, we can understand the points of view from both sides, but in all reality, Suicide Squad is a pretty kick-ass movie. Yes, there are points where a true DC fan might get bored, but we have to give the film credit for bringing all those who only like DC movies a chance to catch up with our knowledge. Also, considering how Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was, this film is amazing!

Directed by David Ayer, the film has an all star cast including Viola Davis, Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Ben Affleck and many more! The film follows the events of Batman v. Superman with the US government trying to come up with a plan against the meta-humans in the world (yes that’s what they are calling them) and Amanda Waller (Davis) has a plan. She’s captured the “worst of the worst” and locked them up in a high security prison. She wants to put them to the test and have them fight the US governments battles for them. Problem is, all of these proposed team members are villains.


But despite being villains, our motley bunch of bad guys actually have some good in them, even if it’s just a little bit. That’s where the movie will catch you, is the depth of the characters. Yes Harley is insane, but it’s clear there’s a wheel turning in her head when it comes to Mr. J and yes Deadshot (Smith) is a cold hearted killer, but he is doing it for his daughter. In some way, obviously not the ones mentioned before, we as viewers can relate to these characters more than we can relate to Superman or Batman.

The story is accompanied by great special effects and an amazing soundtrack that keeps the film going and makes it not as stale as previous DC films. Is it the most perfect movie out there? No. But would we like it if a movie about some of our favorite bad guys were villains? I don’t think we would. There are flaws in the film like there are flaws in the characters in the film, but it gives the film a nice gritty feel.

There have been complaints that the film is too much like a comic book…Let’s just stop for a moment and look at that statement. A movie that is based off comic books, is too much like comic books. Yea, there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes, it’s okay that a movie has the same feel as the comics and in this case it works. It works because of the content of the film. This isn’t your typical bad guy gone good film, these characters don’t go completely good, they are still bad at the end of the film. But they are doing something that they “have” to do and that they realize they are the only ones who can get it done.

If you’re ready for a fun rollercoaster ride of action and one liners, this is the film for you. Fans of the DC comic book universe will be happy with this film, hopefully as happy as I was. See it in theaters this weekend and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures