The newest trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass is full of a lot of new footage, but also features a pleasant surprise. P!nk has done a cover of the famous song “White Rabbit”  originally done by Jefferson Airplane in 1967. The new trailer was released during the Grammys, where Johnny Depp performed the song with his band.

The film will feature the song, in which Alice is returning to Underland to save her friend the Mad Hatter. To do that, she must borrow the Chronosphere, a metal globe from inside the Grand Clock, which is in the possession of Time (Sacha Baron Cohen). Reuniting with her friends and meeting new ones, Alice must band together to save the Hatter.

In response to how exciting it was to record this song for the film, P!nk said that “it was one of the more exciting things I’ve done in my life”. Well, we can’t agree more because we are excited to hear the entire song when it comes out.

Check out the trailer below!

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Corporation