Word that many Disney fans have been waiting for is finally here. Disney has given the green light for a Peter Pan live action film with David Lowery set to direct, while Toby Halbrooks will pen the script. It’s the same team that is doing this summers Pete’s Dragon, a new live action version of the 1977 classic. With this announcement, it’s about time that Disney reclaimed the J.M. Barrie classic about the boy who would never grow up. There have been multiple stabs at the story over the years, some did well and others didn’t do so well.

Hopefully, this project will turn out to be a success with Disney’s line up of live action films coming in the next couple of years. With The Jungle Book arriving this week, Pete’s Dragon arriving this summer and Beauty and the Beast arriving next year, it’s no shock that Disney is planning on doing what it does best, telling magnificent stories, even if they are only a retelling. With Dumbo in the makes for the future, Disney sure is giving fans an exciting line up to look forward to in the coming years. Remaking classic and creating films from their famous theme park attractions.

Are you excited to see another Peter Pan film?

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios