Once Upon a Time began last night and it didn’t give it’s fans a chance to relax at all, it just threw them right back into the drama that has taken over Storybrooke and our favorite team of heroes and villains. The much awaited season premiere didn’t disappoint, but left viewers with a lot of questions as the show came a close after an hour. It didn’t seem like it was long enough, which is a usual factor for OUAT, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t all OUAT fans expected.


SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT! (You have been warned.)


The show began with the final moments from last seasons finale, essentially catching fans up with the current season again. Emma is gone and the gang of heroes and villains are at a loss for what to do. Meanwhile, Emma is in the Enchanted Forest and has become the Dark One. In her journey to find Merlin, she run into Merida, a young Queen trying to rescue her brothers.

Emma’s struggle against the dark magic in her is strong, with a spectrum of Mr. Gold as her guide and a type of mentor, attempting to teach her and lure her to embrace her dark powers.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, our team of heroes and villains has found a way to go to the Enchanted forest to help Emma. Once in the Enchanted Forest, the group finds Emma and so does King Arthur. But sadly, this is where the show takes a turn for the worse. King Arthur takes the group to Camelot, which as the typical, cheesy special effects, but once there the show skips six weeks into the future and everyone has lost their memories…again.

But here we have the long awaited for Dark Swan, and man does it work really well. You just can’t help but love her and all her new found wickedness, but did the writers have to make everyone lose their memories? Again. It’s a trend in the show for the characters to lose their memories and it’s getting kind of old. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming episodes to decide whether or not the memory loss was worth It once again.

See the preview for next week’s episode below.


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