The newest trailer for Daredevil is here and it’s promising for an action packed second season to the popular Netflix series. The first season, which aired last year on the Netflix streaming service, was the first initiative for the Marvel Universe on Netflix. It was followed by Jessica Jones and has done extremely well and is well liked by fans. Daredevil is especially a fan favorite and the anticipation for it’s return on March 18th is building and building.

Not only will fans get the return of some of their favorite characters, and possible cameos of other Marvel characters, but with the introduction of both Punisher and Elektra, the season is sure to be full of binge worthy action and tense drama.

This new season follows Matt, who believes he’s on the right path to bringing order back to Hell’s Kitchen, as a new adversary comes into the light, leaving death in his wake. Frank Castle, or as he becomes known as The Punisher, is seeking vengeance for the death of his family, and that vengeance leads him right into Matt’s neighborhood. Not only is Matt having to deal with balancing his life and a new mad man wreaking havoc, but when and old flame by the name of Elektra Natchios shows up, new problems begin to emerge for our favorite hero.

This two-part trailer series, which Netflix has released on YouTube, gives us the perfect set up for what to expect in the upcoming season of Daredevil. Not only should we, as fans, expect the action packed violence that we enjoyed from the first season, but the in depth story line that gave the character’s depth and a reason for us to love them.

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Meanwhile, check out part 1 of the two-part trailer below. The second half of the trailer is set to be released on February 25th!

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