Netflix is bringing a new series that is sure to scare us all this summer. The series is titled Stranger Tides and is based in 1983 after a 12-year-old boy disappears. If ever there was a brilliant, love child between Stephen King and Steven Spielberg this would be it, as it feels like it draws much of it’s influence from the classic King novels that have scared us all for years. The show stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour, who are looking for Joyce’s (Ryder) son who has disappeared. Of course, in this small town it’s not looked at as a case that needs to be worried about, until a young girl comes along and seems to have seen Will has a few secrets of her own.

The first trailer is full of intrigue and suspense, baiting us in for what seems to be promising to be an amazing show. With the film based in the 80s, where technology was definitely not as advanced as it is now, it gives the show a simplicity and a less complicated outlook. This simpler setting, gives the characters less technology to rely on, and will hopefully allow for more character development as the story continues.

We can only wait and hope that this will be yet another fulfilling and worthwhile Netflix series to watch. Catch all the episodes on July 15 and watch the newest trailer below.

Photo Credit: Netflix