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It began in 2008. Twenty-four competitors faced off with “the world’s largest and most extraordinary obstacle course” trying to win $50,000. It was sure to be a hit – if by ‘hit’ you mean getting hit in the face by a projectile – yes, Wipeout was most definitely a hit. It was a show about laughing at contestants who splashed, crashed, and tumbled (it may have been more funny for the viewer). The show was so popular, with so many individuals wanting to compete for the entertainment of it (though we know they really just wanted a chance to conquer the big balls) and the grand prize, that the producers decided to do something ingenious: create the WIPEOUTRUN.

If you have ever wanted to defeat one of the many obstacles showcased on Wipeout, yelling your victory cry after not being hit, then this 5k run is for you. With 23 runs in the United States and Canada, there are plenty of chances for you to face the Foam of Fury, the Big Balls, or the Wrecking Balls. WIPEOUTRUN hosts 12 fun obstacles for its contestants to conquer as they make their way to the finish line.

When it comes to those obstacles, WIPEOUTRUN does not disappoint. We have already mentioned a few of the terrifying obstacles, but the run also includes the Smash Wall and the Sweeper, famous for knocking down participants and making them land on their face. Each of the 12 obstacles is set up across a 5k course (that is just over 3 miles for those that do not know), ending with an obstacle called Happy Endings.

Full of laughter-inducing challenges, this run is great for any thrill seeker. With runs coming up in Austin (September 26), Atlanta (October 3), Orange County (November 7), and the Phoenix (November 14) areas there are plenty of chances for you to compete in WIPEOUTRUN. Make sure to check out their website to see if your city or a city near you is host to a WIPEOUTRUN.