If you haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen or heard the song “Let it Go”, you’ve been living under a rock. But for those of us who fell in love with Anna and Elsa, the sisters that learned that love can conquer all, especially the love of one sister to another, know the words by heart and can belt it out whenever we hear it on the radio. These singers are in the same boat as the rest of us who fell in love with Frozen and the song “Let it Go”. With a wide range of singers, we’ve found some of our absolute favorite covers of “Let it Go” on YouTube to share with all of you.

To start off our list we have a popular cover of the song by Elizabeth South, who won the Ryan Seacrest Best “Let it Go” Cover contest. Elizabeth is a Preschool music teacher who was inspired by her students to record the song. We couldn’t be happier for her inspiration and absolutely love the cover ourselves.

The next cover that we can’t get enough of, consists of two sisters Maddie and Zoe. We can’t say they are the best of singers, but they sure do take the cutest prize! It’s clear they love the song and that’s all that matters as they sing on camera for a home video that their dad, who posted the video, can use to embarrass them with later in life. Aaron Mendez, their father, even asks as the video opens that you don’t judge them by their singing abilities, please, but singing abilities aside they are two very cute little girls. We just couldn’t leave them off our list, sing on girls! Sing on!

Our next singer is a young boy named Beau, who chose “Let it Go” as the song he would perform for his Blind Audition on the 2015 season of “The Voice Kids“. Sadly, none of the judges turned around for him, their loss in our opinion, but he still put a lot of heart into what he was singing. It was made clear a couple of times that the judges wanted to turn around, but were unsure if they should or not. Sadly, by the end, it seems that none of them do turn around, which means poor Beau has to go home, but we can’t stop listening to his short cover of the song!

It seems the idea of the guys taking over the song isn’t too far fetched of an idea, as our next singer is much older, but his cover of “Let it Go” still blows us away. Caleb Hyles, a YouTube sensation, performs his cover with a simple video of just him singing. Nothing fancy about this cover, but there doesn’t need to be anything fancy for his voice to shine.

The next cover on our list was done by Alex Boye and the One Voice Children’s Choir. Part of the One Voice Children’s Choir, this is where Lexi Walker really made a name for herself as a powerful young singer. Portraying Elsa in this video, she is the soloist in this beautiful cover that has an Africanized tribal sound. Alex Boye is known for his “Africanized” covers and his voice is quickly becoming one we recognize in music on YouTube.  You won’t want to miss this cover if you haven’t heard it before.

Another young lady shines in the next cover by Angelica Hale. Only six years old at the time she made the video, but her voice and talent is beyond her years.

The next two covers are young ladies who just had to share their love for “Let it Go”. The first is a young lady on the YouTube channel called ShayTards. She’s not shy about saying that she’s about to do a Frozen cover, even though there’s a ton of them out there. The next young lady is Madi Lee, who covers the song in costume, really getting into character for the song. Her performance is fun to watch and makes us all want to dress up and dance around the house as Elsa while we sing “Let it Go”.

We have another sister duo next, who at the time of the video were 10 and 8. Sophia and Bella are adorable and clearly have fun singing together. Performing the song together they smile and have fun with the entire thing. Not to mention they have adorable accents that stole our hearts the minute they started talking.

Our final had to go last, because it’s a mash up of Frozen‘s “Let it Go” and the song “Let Her Go” by Passenger. Performed by Sam Tsui, the song is flawless and definitely captures our attention as soon as Sam begins to perform. You won’t want to miss this cover/mash-up.

So which cover was your favorite? We couldn’t choose one if we had to. Hope you enjoyed and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios