With less than two weeks away, a new Game of Thrones trailer is here for fans to break down and focus on until the season 6 premier airs. The reveals in this new trailer have everyone excited especially with new characters and the return of one fan favorite in a unique way. But one thing this trailer can tell us, is there will be fighting in this season, a lot of it and it’s going to be on different fronts. There will be fighting in the North and fighting in the South, meaning we might be losing more of our favorites this season, whether we like it or not.

One of the exciting things we see from this trailer is a shot of the Tower of Joy scene, which is where Lord Eddard Stark and six companions fought three members of the Kingsguard. Only Star and Howland Reed survive, but this is where Stark finds his sister Lyanna Stark dead in the tower. Now recently there’s been some theories on Jon Snow’s true parentage (but we won’t go into those here) so it’s exciting to see fighting at the tower along with the Three Eyed Crow watching what is happening. In truth, that would mean that the way we see this scene will be through visions that Bran sees with the Three Eyed Crow.

Something else we found exciting from the trailer, was the fact that Sansa seems to be finally finding confidence in herself as a Stark. Wearing Stark clothing, finally back to her natural red hair and riding ahead of several men carrying various banners, we can only hope that she’s helping, or part of, the fighting in the North against the Boltons (because truly we can’t stand them).

With the Mountain returning as a zombie (a little weird, but then again it’s Game of Thrones) we’ll see what happens and how many people Cersei has killed this season. But in truth, this season looks like it’s going to be non-stop action and a lot of fighting. Are you ready?

Check out the trailer below!

Photo Credit: HBO Entertainment