The animated film Storks comes out September 23 and it’s no shock that the music for the film is being released already and this new song is fun and lively giving us a nice look at the uplifting story we are getting to see! The song is titled “Kiss the Sky” by Jason Derulo and the music video definitely doesn’t say that it’s from an animated family film, but with an uplifting catchy beat it will hopefully fit in the film.

Storks is a film about a world where the legendary storks who would bring children to all the animals in the world are actually real and for years they delivered babies as the legend says. But when it became too difficult for the storks and there was too much of a demand, they changed how the system worked making it a delivery system rather than a stork delivery system.


But when a young boy writes a letter asking for a baby brother, it’s up to one stork to make this boys dreams come true, but with a little sister rather than a little brother. A little sister that accidentally was made with the baby making machine.

An adventure of a lifetime, don’t miss Storks in theaters on September 23! See the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros Pictures