To say that Star Wars is loved by all ages would be common knowledge, but this little girl steals our hearts with her adorable description of Star Wars IV: A New Hope is all about. The simplicity of it all makes fans laugh and smile as they realize that one three-year-old little girl just gave us the best description of the plot of the original Star Wars. Posted by fistofblog on YouTube a while ago, the post has over 22 million views and is hilarious.

Almost not sure where to start, this adorable three-year-old dives in talking about the sale of R2-D2 and C3P0 to Luke and his Uncle. “The shiny guy always worries,” is her description of C3P0 which has us laughing out loud as she keeps going, even describing the training tool as the “pokeball” that Luke has to block. The best is how she says Obi Wan Kenobi, “Obi Kenobi”. But the line that will have you laughing by the end is one of her last lines: “Don’t talk back to Darth Vader! He’ll getcha!”

The simplicity of this three-year-old’s description has made our day! Check out the video below and be prepared for a few good laughs.

Photo Credit: fistofblog/YouTube