Are you ready to fight for justice with the Furious Five and Po once again?! Well in Kung Fu Panda 3 get ready for action and a lot of great, family laughs that will keep everyone entertained and thoroughly satisfied when they leave the theater. With the all star cast returning to the big screen as their animated counterparts, it seems nothing could go wrong and Po, voiced by Jack Black, will once again bring Justice to the realm. Directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh, get ready for Po’s next journey, that has many lessons for everyone in the family to learn and relate to.

It’s time for Po to take the next step in his journey as the Dragon Warrior, but to do that, he has to learn who he truly is. Everything is peaceful until the day a stranger wander’s into Po’s home, a stranger who is none other than Po’s father. With the excitement of finally finding his birth family and the difficulty of becoming a teacher to the Furious Five, Po must also face a new threat from the Spirit Realm, Kai. Kai has come back from the Spirit Realm to take the Dragon Warriors Chi, but to beat Kai he has to train his newfound family how to fight.

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a fun and relatable film, including deep questions of family and friendship, with the realization that family isn’t always just those that share a blood relation with you. From Po’s step-father and his father battling for Po’s attention and Po learning who he is as a panda, the film gives kids with split families the hope that everyone could get along and you can love both parents, the step-parent and the “real” parent equally without there being consequences. Po discovers himself and grows, as the children who watch the Kung Fu Panda series have grown, giving those same young fans an eye opening lesson, that it’s okay keep learning about who you are, even as you continue to grow.

A great film for the entire family, you won’t leave the theater unsatisfied after watching Kung Fu Panda 3. With the perfect mix of humor, action and touching moments, this film is one that the entire family can enjoy and maybe learn a little something from.

Photo Credit: Dreamworks Entertainment