It’s time for a sequel that My Big Fat Greek Wedding fans have been waiting for. Following the first film which came out in 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 comes with another wedding, but not the wedding you thought. With a teenage daughter, Toula and Ian are trying to be good parents, while not being clingy. But with a Greek family, you have a close nit group and their daughter is having trouble with that as she tries to decide where to apply for college.

Meanwhile, it looks like Gus and Maria are in fact, not married. The priest didn’t sign the paperwork, so now we’ve got another big fat Greek wedding in store.

The trailer looks absolutely hilarious and looks as much fun as the original. With a new family dynamic added in, with Toula’s daughter and Toula having to accept that she has to step back and let her go live her own life. Looks like yet another great film for the family!

Check out the trailer below!

Photo Credit: Gold Circle Films