The Letters is a spiritual film for any believer, but sadly might not please those who are not believers. The film is directed by William Riead and stars Juliet Stevenson as the gentle Mother Teresa herself. A biopic of Mother Teresa’s life and accomplishments, the film follows her life through a series of letters she sent to a friend Father Celeste van Exem over a fifty year period.

The story draws you in with the possibility of learning more about the woman who changed so many individuals lives and helped so many. The selfless woman we all learn of as a child, but the build up and hope for this movie to truly be something that is inspiring and amazing dies as you watch it. Rather than an artful and beautiful film, The Letters becomes a lesson similar to one that you wouldn’t have wanted to sit through as a child in Sunday-school.

The audience for this film is extremely specific, but if you would like a good lesson, it’s a film that will teach you of a woman who did lead an inspiring life and it only touches on the great things that she accomplished.

Watch the trailer below.

Photo Credit: Big Screen Productions V