The newest trailer for Ride Along 2 is a riot. The trailer sets up a sequel that looks as good as the original and fans can’t wait for the wild pair of Ride Along to return to the screen. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart return as the same unlikely pair they were in the original film. Hart is about to marry Cube’s sister and they will become one big happy family. Hart’s character has become a police officer, and wants to work up to becoming a detective like his soon to be brother-in-law.

Well, he’s going to get that opportunity to be a detective in this upcoming film, as they head to Florida to apprehend a big time drug dealer. Joining Hart and Cube are Ken Jeong, Benjamin Bratt and Olivia Munn, giving an all star cast to this comedy.

In theaters January 15, check out the trailer for the film below and get ready for what looks to be a lot of good laughs.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios