Presents might be at the top of the Christmas season favorites list, but one of our favorites here at Gofobo is sitting around with family and watching some great Christmas movies. The season is about getting together and spending time with one another, so what better way than to cuddle under warm blankets and put on a great film for everyone of all ages in the family. The list we have created here, is in no order of favorites or best, just a set of movies that are great for big an small, old and young and young at heart.

To kick off our list, we have The Muppets Christmas Carol, released in 1992, this Jim Henson film took the classic story by Charles Dickens, just adding his own little twist: the Muppets. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy lead the cast of Muppets as the classic tale of Mr. Scrooge is retold with family in mind.

Another great classic that has kids in mind is The Nightmare Before Christmas. With the debate on this film claiming it’s a Halloween film, rather than a Christmas film, we can’t help but add it to this list, simply because we grew up watching this as a holiday film for both holidays. So Jack the Pumpkin King and Sandy Claws have to be added to the list, because you can’t think of Christmas without thinking of when Jack took over the festive holiday.

But, what if the kids in your family are a little bit older? So you can watch a film with a little more humor for those of an older age. Then you might want to look at a couple of our other favorite holiday films to watch. First off, we can’t think of the holidays without A Christmas Story, with the classic leg lamp that always makes us laugh, and made a lot of dads want that same lamp. A classic comedy that never gets old, and always makes kids want a Red Ryder BB Gun.

Another fun film for the comedy lovers is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. A film about the average family having a huge holiday get together that makes us laugh every time. Doing anything with the Griswold’s it seems is an affair and is comedic without a doubt.

The rest of our list is below, and filled with movies for everyone, from classics to new Christmas films that truly bring holiday cheer.



Miracle on 34th Street

The Santa Clause

Home Alone

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.