Star Wars has taken over yet another event with a musical performance like none other. At the American Music Awards on November 22, the a cappella group Pentatonix was introduced by none other than Harrison Ford himself before their John Williams inspired performance. Not only did the groups beautiful voices bring chills to everyone watching, but when Williams’ full orchestra joins in, it’s a masterpiece.

But what got most Star Wars fans excited was the new scene that premiered at the show. The scene preceded Pentatonix’s performance and was quickly followed by Ford taking the stage to not only honor Williams’ musical legacy, which we all know and many love, but to introduce the talented young performers who honor Williams with their voices.

It made for an exciting night for Star Wars fans and Williams’ fans, with the film only weeks from release in theaters around the globe.

If you missed the American Music Awards, you can check out the awesome videos below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images