It’s been big news that Universal is bringing back it’s older Monster Universe, including Frankenstein, Dracula, Van Helsing and many more. Their releases will all hinge on whether or not The Mummy, which is set to release in 2017, does well or flops. With director Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us) at the helm and writer Jon Spaihts (Prometheus), we’re guaranteed to see some changes to the classic story.

One of those changes could possibly be that of the gender of the mummy. In previous films, the creature was always male, portrayed by Boris Karloff in the original 1932 version and by Arnold Vosloo in the remake also starring Brendan Fraser in the 90’s. But a recent report claims, that the film will be set in modern day and currently has two planned stories. One of the story arcs revolves around a female mummy, while the other sticks to the traditional male mummy and it’s been said the decision will be based on casting.

The question is though, will fans enjoy a change to the classic monster? Will it be as scary or entertaining with a female mummy? The 1999 remake of The Mummy was fun and action packed, but with a set male creature, it made the story flow and wasn’t as silly as it’s following sequels. Yet, will placing a female in the role of the monster create the same fear and scares for the classic monster? As a woman myself, I’d love to see a woman portray the role, but I’m still a bit skeptical. I have the same question on my mind many others have, will it work?

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures