Understand when you go to see Norm of the North, that you have to watch it from a child’s point of view, and sometimes that child’s point of view is just a little too weird for us adults. Full of good laughs for the kids (although maybe a few too many pee jokes), Norm of the North is a fun movie with even a few adult jokes in there to keep us older viewers happy (and to overlook the confusing plot). But with all of it’s faults, there is one question to ask when you think about this movie: will the kids enjoy it? Well, the kids that saw this film in theater I did, sure enjoyed it.

Starring Rob Schneider as the voice of Norm, a polar bear who can talk to humans and doesn’t have the stomach to hunt the other creatures in the Artic. When Norm discovers a condo (which is being built for the 1 percent) out in the middle of nowhere and brings this to the awareness of the other inhabitants of the Artic, he’s faced with the challenge of how to stop the humans from moving to his home. The only solution? Head to New York City to stop the man who owns the condo’s and stop humans from coming to the Artic. Seems like something a kid would think up, but again, think about who this film is for.

The film is very much made for kids in the plot department, with a basic plot (that doesn’t make sense part of the time), with little added detail and fun dance sequences to get passed the grueling details of trying to win over the public, but is backed with good lessons for youngsters in this day and age. From family values to having the strength to succeed even when everyone around you doubts you, Norm of the North is a fun film for kids that will definitely have them dancing in their seats as they watch.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you thought of Norm of the North once you get the chance to see it!

Photo Credit: Splash Entertainment/Lionsgate Entertainment