When you say the word Marvel, a lot comes to mind, but most important: superheroes. One superhero makes her debut this month on Netflix in the new show, Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones will follow the steps of Daredevil and will take over your weekend, with a full season release. Thankfully for us the show will be released on Nov. 20, which is a Friday, so it gives fans of the superhero, private detective an entire weekend to watch the new show.

With the first trailer, we got a glimpse of who Jessica Jones is and what type of character she will be. Well, taking from Daredevil, the show looks dark and gritty and real, not softened for younger viewers. The backstory of Jessica is clear, but murky too. She was once controlled by a man who has the ability to control others with his mind and she now helps others as a private detective, trying to make a living, while keeping an eye out for the one who took over her mind.

This newest trailer reveals more content and a lot of action. We can’t wait to see what happens in this show and can’t wait to binge watch it with friends for the weekend. Do you plan on watching Jessica Jones? If so, share your opinions/predictions on our social media pages.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer below.