Fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe have had some very confusing news the past few days. First it was thought that Mike O’Hearn, a bodybuilder and model, got cast for the role when he posted this image on his Instagram account:

But sad to say, it’s not true. O’Hearn has not gotten the role of Prince Adam, also known as He-Man, but in fact is trying his hardest to audition for the role once the opportunity arises. But even with that simple news has gotten fans, both of his and of the original 1980s show, extremely excited. Not only does O’Hearn look the part, but everyone is hoping he has the acting talent to pull the part off. With all that muscle, it isn’t hard to imagine O’Hearn as Prince Adam at all, and with so much fan supporting coming in from across the internet, fans can only hope that he actually does get the part. To clear up the confussion, O’Hearn posted on his Instagram account tonight, that he was thankful for all the support, and while he is preparing for the role, he has not been offered it or gotten it in any way. But what’s amazing is his gratitude to his fans over their support of him getting the role.

I want to thank all the supporters for sending good vibes in hopes I get the role of He-Man. I am working hard everyday so when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready. It’s pretty exciting that Hollywood is talking or has my name on their lips when it comes to this role. The support from the fans is incredibly helpful and really adds confidence to my belief that I’m the right man for it. I’ve been close to large rolls before like Superman and the follow up to The Scorpion King. Hollywood has talked about me in the past for other superhero roles such as Captain America long before Chris Evans booked it. (He did a great job as Captain America). More than just having the look of he-man, I need to stay in class and keep working with the theatrics. Superstar actor and friend Jonathan Schaech @johnschaech is also going to work with me on making sure that my acting is on point. All I can do is keep working to make sure that I am prepared to book this role and do an amazing job! Thank you again for all of your support. To be clear, I do not have the role yet. The Internet is flattering but you can’t believe everything you see on there. Again thank you for all of your support! #HeManTheMovie #HeMan #heman

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Photo Credit: Filmation