The trailer for the pre-sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman is here, and it looks better than ever. With Chris Hemsworth in the leading role once again as the Huntsman, Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt join the cast to create an action packed fantasy.

The story revolves around the Ice Queen (Emily Blunt) who is the younger sister of the famed Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) whom we met in the first film. Chastain portrays the Warrior, the Huntsman’s love interest and the jealous queen cannot stand competition it seems. With magic and creatures out of a fairy tale, The Huntsman: Winter’s War looks to be a darker fantasy for the adults who still enjoy a good story.

We’re most excited to see the beautiful Theron portraying the role of the Evil Queen once again, as she did such a beautiful job in the first film. She made the first film for sure, and hopefully she and Blunt will bring the same level of wickedness as Theron brought to the first.
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Photo Credit: Universal Studios