Bigger is better, according to Deadpool, the merc with a mouth played by Ryan Reynolds, who will be starring in the upcoming film Deadpool. With his “12 Days of Deadpool” in full swing. On the 10th day we get an exclusive IMAX trailer from IMAX declaring bigger is better in a way only Deadpool can.

With the comparison of a normal sized chimichanga to a giant chimichanga,  Deadpool compares the two to the human brain, and how bigger is just so much better than small. Obviously, the bigger chimichanga is “your brain on IMAX”, and it’s followed by some good action sequences that we’ve already seen in previous trailers for Deadpool. The excitement for this film is building and the countdown to the newest trailer is almost over, with the new trailer releasing in just two days, on Christmas Day.

Check out the newest exclusive courtesy of IMAX below while you wait for the new trailer.

Photo Credit: Youtube/IMAX