Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the top anticipated films that will be released in 2016, and with the newest trailer released it’s clearly getting fans excited to finally see two of their favorite superheroes duke it out. But there are set backs and doubts with the film, that many are having. Questions are being asked, like “Will Ben Affleck be able to play a good Batman?” or “How will it play out? Will it be any good?”.

Well to everyone asking these question, we can’t help but watch the newest trailer a bit speculatively. The trailer is exciting and feeds on what fans have thought was going to happen and gives new and exciting bits for us to chew on and to analyze. From Lex Luther’s mad scientist creature and the views of both Bruce and Clark on vigilantes and heroes. Because the line between hero and vigilante is easy to cross. But the darkness that seems to hover around this films plot makes one wonder, did they truly go down the path of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films with a dark storyline that adults can truly enjoy? We can only hope.

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Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Studios