Deadpool is almost out on DVD and you’ll finally be able to watch the funniest movie of the year at home. In true Deadpool fashion, they released an epic trailer for the films release on May 10th. The current ad for the film mimics the hilarious Viagara commercials that we all have to suffer through on television. Thankfully, this commercial is just down right funny, rather than uncomfortable to watch. With sexual innuendos and lots of comedic humor as we see Deadpool and a woman in a romantic setting. With day to day life on what looks like a ranch.

The film will be released in just under a week with a list of special features and of course the best part, which is having Deadpool at your fingertips finally on a daily basis. The actual commercial ends with Deadpool in a bathtub relaxing with his lady love, who is in fact a different young lady than the one in the film. You won’t want to miss this hilarious 43 second video as Deadpool is his normal, snarky self advertising the release of his film on DVD.

Are you excited to bring Deadpool home? Then check out the commercial below and get ready for a few laughs.

Photo Credit: Fox Home Entertainment